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Rupert Wasey's "roundtail" Z-21

Comments by Lynn Williams

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Computer 'magic' provides side-by-side comparison of straight vs round tails on the prototype Z-1.

Here's an updated picture of Rupert's
tailbay, posted 06/25/03
Here's a picture illustrating the progress so far on Rupert Wasey's 'Roundtail' version of the basic Z-21. He has elected to fit the Stummelflitzer vertical tail, slightly adapted to match the Z-21's slimmer and shallower sternpost.

Rupert's Top Wing

Sept 08, 2003 - Fuel Tank

Rupert hopes to have his aeroplane on its main undercarriage by July [2003], and has also made great progress on metal parts.
November 16, 2003 - Cockpit

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